Coal power needs money. Lots and lots of our money.
Banks are providing billions of our money to the coal industry to mine and burn coal. They finance coal companies and coal dodgy deals all over the world. This is the secret banks don't want you to know. Now, we reveal that secret...
Finance for coal
2005 - April 2014
in million euros
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Banks: do the Paris Pledge

The coal industry is the number one source of carbon emissions which are radically changing the world’s climate and in turn threatening a range of devastating impacts for all life on earth. We can end our reliance on coal – but we need to do so quickly. One way to achieve this is for banks to stop financing this industry. We call upon all banks to publicly pledge to phase out finance for the coal industry, and to do so before the upcoming Paris Climate Summit.

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Coal data 2005 - April 2014 visualised

The overall state of the global banking sector's support for the coal industry is not a pretty picture, with 2013 a record year for coal finance.

To really bring home the reality of the findings contained in our latest report on coal finance, we've created some attractive visualisations. Once you've had a look, we hope the infographics will inspire you to contact the Top 20 coal banks and urge them to quit coal now.

Click the thumbnail on the left to enlarge our main Coal Banks infographic.

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